This is the personal website of Molly Keran, who blogs about literature and pop culture over at Loose Leaves.  Here, you’ll find personal posts, creative writing, quotations, food blogging, and music recommendations.



Molly Keran is a 24-year-old disgruntled feminist and former English major with dreams of grad school and novel-writing. Originally from the Midwest, she’s been in the Bay Area for six years now and loves it. Her favorite singer is Taylor Swift (“Dear John” is the best song ever written, probably) and her coffee shop order is a soy chai latte. Important stances on the classics: #TeamMedea #TeamMedusa #TeamClytemnestra.


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  • Molly Keran

    I'm a twentysomething-year-old wannabe writer living and working in San Francisco. I like modernist literature, vegetarian food, murder mysteries, and Vincent van Gogh. I'm from Nebraska and will never shut up about it. Find more of my writing at Loose Leaves.
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